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TH P/H-SAROVAR.                                              315
flanked on either side by a Kasoi and a Sejmahall, ie., a cooking and sleeping
apartment, and has two towers, or stkkaras. It stands in the centre of a paved
court-yard^ surrounded by a lofty wall with corner Hosts, which command a
very extensive view of the Bharat-pur hill and the level expanse of the Mathnra
district as fax as Grobardhan. The village, which clusters at the foot and on the
slope of the rock, is, for the most part, of a mean description, but contains a few
handsome honses? more especially one erected by the famous fiap R&m of
Barsana. "With the exception of one temple dedicated to Manasa Devi all the
remainder bear some title of the one popular divinity, such as Nar-si&ha, Gopi-
o&ih, ^riiya-Cropaij GiridMri, IJS'aDdapiiandaiij Badha-Mohany and Jasoda-
naadan. This kst is on a larger scale than the others, and stands in a court-
yard of its own, half way up the Mil. It is much in the same style and apparently
of the same date as the temple of 5fand-Ba, or probably a little older; an
opinion which is confirmed by its being mentioned in the manfrc^ which runs as
follows :Y<uodd-nandanam "bands rmnda-@rdma-tanddkipam. A flight of 114
broad steps, constructed of well-wrought stone from the Bharat-pior ijmmes,
leads from the level of the plain up to the steep and narrow street which termi-
nates at the main entrance of the great temple. The staircase was made at the
cost of B4bn Gaur Prasad of Calcutta, in the year 1818 A. D. At the foot of
the hill is a large unfinished square with a range of stone buildings on one side
for the accommodatioa of dealers and pilgrims, constructed by Stiraj Hall's
Bam, the Bsni Kiahori At the back is an extensive garden -with some fine
kMrm trees, the property of &e Raja of Bharafrpur. They are, however, gradu-
ally disappearing, one by one every year, and no attempt is made to replace item.
A little beyond this is the sacred lake now caHed P&n Saramr, and supposed to
be the pool where Krishna used to drive the cows to * water* (pd). It fa *
magnificent sheet of water with noble masonry gh&ts on all Its sides, the "work
of a Dowager Bani of Bardwan in 1747 A. D. It measures 810 feet by 378*
and therefore covers all but iix acres. It is said to be designed in the form
of a ship i but the resemblance is not Yery apparent to an uninformed observer.
This is one of the four lakes of highest repute in Braj ; iite others bong tihe
Chaadra-sarovax at ParsoE by Gbbardhanf tJbe Frem-sarovar at GMzipur
near Barsana, and the Min-sarovar at Araa in the Hit pargaBE. On its
margin is a little temple of BiMri? which bears on Its front the following
inscription : San Rddhd Gd)mds Sri GaddUiar Ckaxtonyoy Sri
Runj Snmaii iidni Em^mmi R@Ja Kiytidsand M m*k& Sri cj& TUet
ji id dddi ji rdj Bnt$dla Bamdmdm Sri jSatufom jRitp M
GnmdsUa Sri Sapkalya Mm Dd*3 Gohil Dm               1S05, Th